40th Anniversary Celebration


Welcome to the Website home of our 40th Anniversary Celebration!

During this 40th year, SACNAS will celebrate its founders and their vision, look back on major events in the growth of the organization, and develop a model for a sustainable future, which will require involvement and commitment from everyone.

Throughout our anniversary year, we will update this page regularly with special feature stories, videos, photos, and information about events.

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40th Anniversary Stories & Resources

(Updated regularly)


SACNAS Archive Opening at Chicano Studies Research Center at UCLA

Founders/Elders Ceremony at 2013 SACNAS National Conference


The SACNAS Creation Story

History of the SACNAS Logo

The Beginning of SACNAS as told by founding member Dr. Ciriaco Gonzales


Honoring SACNAS Founders & Elders

Video on the history of SACNAS

Video biography of founding member: Dr Richard Tapia

Video of founding member Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff delivering 2011 SACNAS National Conference keynote address

Video of founding member and past president: Dr. Marigold Linton

Written Biographies

Note: These profiles are from the SACNAS Biography Project, a collection of nearly 80 biographies of SACNISTAS.These stories, written over the last 20 years, are in the present tense and from the first person perspective. Since they were first included in the collection, many of the narrators have retired or changed positions. However, the personal experiences and insights they share still ring true for a new generation of aspiring scientists. 

Founding member biography: Dr. Eugene Cota-Robles (1926-2012)

Founding member biography: Dr. Leo Gómez

Founding member biography: Dr. Vernon Avila

Founding member biography: Dr. J.V. Martinez


Profiles of SACNAS staff alumni

Conversation between founding member Dr. Elma Gonzalez and current president, Dr. Maggie Werner-Washburne


Photos from the first recorded meeting of SACNAS in 1973

Photos from the first SACNAS National Conference in 1978

Share Your Stories and Your Ideas

We especially want to share the stories of our founders and members and generate ideas to enrich this year. To share your story, please contact Jenny Kurzweil at [email protected]

2013 will be a special celebration of how much our community has accomplished in the past four decades and a call to action for the next 40 years. ¡Adelante y viva SACNAS! Moving forward!