1.    What is the mission of the Linton-Poodry SACNAS Summer Leadership Institute (LPSLI)?

The mission of the LPSLI is to develop the next generation of underrepresented minority scientists whose leadership contributions will serve to strengthen and unify our communities at the national and local levels. The Institute prepares participants to assume leadership roles in the global scientific community by offering advanced strategic trainings that develop critical leadership skills.

2.    What are the 5 supplemental application questions? Is their a minimum or maximum word count for each question?

Q1: Why do you want to participate in the Leadership Institute and what do you expect to gain from participating? (200 – 500 words)

Q2: Critical self-evaluation is crucial to developing as a leader. Please describe both a situation in which you exemplified successful leadership skills, and a situation in which you were not successful as a leader.  What have you learned, both positive and negative, as a result of these experiences? (200 – 500 words)

Q3: Scenario: As a leader in your institution, you have been tasked to lead or participate in a diversity effort. What are the top three recommendations you would give to increase representation of underrepresented minority scientists in STEM fields at your institution, or more broadly. (200 – 500 words)

Q4: Please describe your long-term professional vision and goals and how you plan to achieve them. (200 – 500 words)

Q5: Please describe your previous participation in SACNAS programs. (200 word maximum)

3.    Is a PhD required to apply?

Yes, we require all applicants to have recieved their PhD before the institute begins.  If you will be defending during the application submission process please be sure to indicate this information in your application.

4.    Am I required to stay the whole time?

Yes, you are making a commitment to SACNAS to be present during the whole week of the LPSLI.  This year's institute dates are July 17th - 21st.

5.    When do the sessions start?

The first LPSLI session will start on Monday morning at 8:30 AM.

6.    When and what time does the last session end?

The last day will be Friday at 3:00 PM.

7.    What do we do when we arrive on Sunday?

Sunday participants are on their own unless there is a scheduled event to meet with other participants.

8.    Does SACNAS cover my airport parking?

No, SACNAS will not cover your airport parking expenses so please plan accordingly and get a ride to the airport or take a cab. Please reveiw eContract.

9.    What does SACNAS cover?

SACNAS covers the hotel nights of the LPSLI which include Sunday – Thursday night and airfare.  We also cover most meals provided throughout the week.

10.    What type of clothing should I bring to the LPSLI?

Business casual for 4 of the 5 days, on Wednesday evening we will have a networking reception and we ask participants to  dress in business attire. Bring comfortable clothing.

11.    Will I have to share a room during the LPSLI?

No, you will have your own room.

12.    How long is the LPSLI?

The LPSLI is a five-day program offered in the summer.

13.    Can we order shuttles to be taken to the airport?

You can but we will not reimburse you for your ground transportation costs.

14.    What is your cancellation policy?

Please review here.

15.    When will I be notified about my application status?

We expect to notify all applicants of their status by the first week of May.