SACNAS & Institutions

SACNAS relies on the support of organizations such as corporations, academic institutions, government agencies & labs, and foundations & nonprofits to fund our programs and extend the impact of our mission.

SACNAS Corporate Relationships

SACNAS is committed to partnering with corporations to enhance America’s position in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with a strong, diverse, and talented workforce.  With support from our corporate partners, SACNAS continues to grow and positively impact science, Hispanic and Native American communities, as well as the national landscape.

Universities & Research Institutions Partnering with SACNAS

SACNAS partnerships with academic and research institutions bring together world class science, creativity, and educational excellence. Our shared goals of advancing minority students in STEM and increasing the diversity of faculty and professional researchers enable innovative and productive collaborations.

Working with Government Agencies & Laboratories

SACNAS interacts with many government agencies & labs. Our work would not be possible without these key connections which create high-level partnerships and form an integral part of programmatic funding critical to the organization.

Foundations, Nonprofits & Scientific Societies

SACNAS partners with foundations, nonprofit organizations, and societies who share our goal to support and advance underrepresented minorities in science. Through our partnerships, we fund exciting programs and activities that achieve our shared goals.  

Featured Recruiting & Mentoring Resources

I grew up in the Northwestern part of New Mexico where I had very little exposure to the biological sciences. It took me many years of undergraduate study to experience enough biology to not be afraid of it and consider it as a career. Read More >

While an undergraduate, I was a fan of Dana Scully from the television show X-files and Ellie Arroway from the movie Contact (1997). Both of these characters were gifted scientists that provided strong female role models that were different from anyone I knew. I admired these women because they were smart, independent and brave. Of course, they were fictional characters, but I identified with them and they inspired me. I wanted to be like them. Read More >

When I started at SACNAS, my greatest role models were the founders of the organization. To this day, I respect and admire their vision and persistence in bringing Hispanic/Chicano and Native American scientists together as a community. After 17 years with SACNAS, you—the members of this community—have become my role models. I am inspired by you daily, watching you persevere as undergrads and become my peers, get your PhDs, and obtain positions of leadership. Because of you, I am continually challenging myself to do better, think strategically, and to flourish as a leader. Read More >