For Professionals

At SACNAS, professional members can develop in their own careers while nurturing the next generation of SACNAS scientists. Whether you are a recent graduate or an established professional, you can offer students guidance and support and at the same time, access a wide variety of professional development and career advancement opportunities.

Professional Development

Opportunity listings feature jobs, awards, & other career prospects for science professionals. Postdoc opportunities focus on fellowships.

In addition to our web-based opportunities, the SACNAS National Conference provides an ideal opportunity for professionals to showcase their research and skills through scientific symposia and professional development workshops.

The SACNAS Leadership Program affords members unparalleled leadership training for postdocs and junior & mid-career faculty and professionals.

Join SACNAS Leadership

At SACNAS we have a shared leadership model that actively engages our membership in all aspects of program development and execution as well as organizational governance. As a SACNAS professional you can serve on committees and task forces and run for the SACNAS Board of Directors. We highly encourage you to help design and implement our current programs and create the vision for SACNAS' future.

Join SACNAS Professional Chapter

SACNAS professional chapter members are dedicated to giving back through mentorship, peer networks, professional development, and by engaging in science research and leadership of the highest caliber. The organization, its members, and chapters are committed to encouraging minority students and scientists to advance to their utmost capability.

Mentor the Next Generation of SACNAS Scientists

Integral to the work of SACNAS is the mentoring that professional members provide to our students. Your work as chapter advisors, abstract reviewers, judges for student presentations, and mentors at the SACNAS National Conference give up and coming SACNAS students the inspiration and guidance they need to continue in their educations.