Year Round Programs

The SACNAS Programs department designs, implements, and evaluates high quality, innovative programs that provide students, post-doctoral researchers, and professionals with the skills, resources, networking and mentoring required to successfully obtain advanced degrees and positions of leadership in STEM.

By empowering individuals and engaging with partner institutions, SACNAS programs promote the contribution of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in STEM fields.

Leadership Program

The objective of the SACNAS Leadership Program is to develop the next generation of underrepresented minority scientists whose leadership contributions will serve to strengthen and unify our communities at the national and local levels. The institute prepares participants to assume leadership roles in the global scientific community by offering advanced strategic trainings that develop critical leadership skills.


SACNAS chapters throughout the nation provide year round, local support, strength and leadership development for students and professional scientists from underrepresented backgrounds. Chapter members are encouraged to share information, resources, and peer-to-peer mentorship, as well as to take part in opportunities to give back to their communities and develop leadership skills.

Regional Meetings

SACNAS supports chapters or partner institutions to host two SACNAS Regional Meetings each spring. Regional Meetings provide an opportunity for chapters, general members, area high schools, and professionals to receive information on SACNAS programs, activities, and upcoming events, while providing opportunity for chapters in the region to communicate, network, and share ideas, and allow students to present their research.

Native Community

In all of our Programs and Events SACNAS strives to create a welcoming community that respects and honors our cultures, our peoples, and our shared future. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities and materials revealing a vibrant Native science community (American Indian, Alask Native, Hawaiian, & Indigenous Pacific Islander) willing to provide teaching and learning resources, networking and mentoring opportunities, access to an exciting Native American scientific community, and links to friends & support.