Yolanda Comedy

Yolanda Comedy, PhD

      Clifton Poodry

      Clifton Poodry, PhD (Seneca)

      Senior Science Education Fellow, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

          Marigold Linton

          Marigold Linton, PhD (Cahuilla-Cupeño)

          Leadership Committee Co-Chair | Director of American Indian Outreach, University of Kansas

              Maria Cristina Villalobos, PhD

              Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Center of Excellence in STEM Education, University of Texas – Pan American

                  Sonia Zarate

                  Sonia Zárate, PhD

                  SACNAS Officer: President; Data & Evaluation, Bylaws Committee Co-Chair| Program Officer for Undergraduate and Graduate Science Education, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

                      J D Garcia

                      J D Garcia, PhD

                      Leadership Program Committee Co-Chair | Professor of Physics Emeritus, University of Arizona