Start a Chapter

Next Application Deadline:

January 20, 2021

Steps to Start a Student Chapter

1. Contact SACNAS National Chapters Manager

Contact the National Chapters Manager at to inform them that you are interested in starting a new SACNAS chapter or getting your current SACNAS chapter recognized by the SACNAS national office. The National Chapters Manager oversees all SACNAS chapters and will assist you with starting a new chapter and will provide you the information needed to get started.

2. Prepare Chapter Application

Start developing plans for chapter membership, development, and activities. Detailed requirements for membership, development, and activities are available on The National Chapters Manager can also guide you through the process and answer questions you may have about the application.

3. Submit Chapter Application

Submit the chapter application, including required documents. If there are questions about the application or if any component is missing, the reviewing process may be postponed until questions are resolved or application is complete. The application will be reviewed by the Chapter Subcommittee for approval of provisional chapter status. If the application is not approved, the National Chapters Manager will provide the chapter feedback for revisions.

4. Provisional Chapter Status

If the chapter application is approved, the National Chapters Manager will notify the chapter of their provisional chapter status. SACNAS established a provisional chapter status to ensure that new chapters are on track to becoming high-performing and sustainable chapters. The provisional chapter status period will be for 12 months, during which your chapter should execute your proposed plans for chapter membership, development, and activities. After the 12 months, your chapter will be asked to submit an annual report to evaluate your chapter.

5. Official Chapter Status

If your chapter submits a strong annual report, your chapter will be considered for official chapter status and be reviewed by the SACNAS Board of Directors for approval. The National Chapters Manager will notify your chapter of their status. Official chapters will be listed on the SACNAS Chapter Directory online and make your chapter eligible for funding.

Chapter Application