#2021NDiSTEM Attendee Resources

Pre-Conference Check List 

to the #2021NDiSTEM Digital Conference Platform

  • IMPORTANT: Your sign-in credentials will come via an email from noreply@nexisit.net  with Subject Line: Welcome to The National Diversity in STEM Conference! Important Login Information Enclosed
  • If you can’t find this email:
    • FIRST, confirm you are checking the email address you used to register for the conference
    • SECOND, check your spam/junk folder
    • THIRD, email reg@sacnas.org for assistance

✅ Set-up your attendee profile, including an avatar (ie an image of you)

  • PRO TIP: You’ll see a profile link below your headshot. Feel free to share this on social media using #2021NDiSTEM!

✅ Set your availability for 1/1 Appointments — THIS WILL ALLOW FELLOW ATTENDEES, EXHIBITORS, & PARTNERS to video chat with you

✅ Start building your schedule (Click the Agenda tab and click the gold “Attend” button to add to your schedule)

    • If you clicked “Attend” for any sessions in the main agenda, your schedule will automatically block these times from any 1-1 appointments. 
    • If you need more time for 1-1 appointments, go to your Profile > scroll down to  “My Availability” and re-configure these settings to fit your schedule and availability.

✅ Plan your time in the Digital Expo Hall (Click the Digital Exhibiting tab in the navigation menu and click into each booth to explore)

✅ Use the Directory to set up 1/1 Appointments (Click the Attendee Directory tab in the navigation menu)

✅ Attend STEM Research Day on Thursday, October 21 to network and engage with our Graduate Student Presenters!


    • You are encouraged to bring your whole self. Click here to learn more.
    • The digital platform does not allow virtual backgrounds (like in zoom). Make sure to plan on a background you don’t mind others seeing.

Are you a first-time or SACNAS-funded attendee? Review the resources HERE just for you!

Tech Tips for Success 

🚨 Spoiler alert: Many of the solutions will be to refresh 🔃 your browser 😁
If you are trying to join a session with your camera/audio on immediately after a separate Teams/Zoom meetings and you receive the following message, try refreshing your browser. It may take a minute or so before your computer recognizes that you are no longer using the camera/mic in a different app.
SECOND: Make sure you grant Chrome permission to access your camera/audio.
If you are returning from a breakout room and don’t see anyone else after a minute, try refreshing your browser. Refreshing appears to do the same thing as leave a room and rejoining, but with only one click. Note that if this happens to you (being the only one on screen after you are expecting to return to the main room from breakout rooms) other people may be able to see and hear you if your camera & mic are on so remember to act professionally at ALL TIMES.
If presenters need to share a video that they have saved on their computer, they can open a new Chrome tab and drag the file into the browser. This will open the video in a Chrome tab and you can share that specific tab and include audio. If multiple videos need to be shared in the same session, try opening each video in a different tab. Note that this is for standalone videos that are not part of PPT. https://help.junolive.com/support/Screen-Sharing-In-A-Single-Monitor-Environment.649169450.html#ScreenSharingInASingleMonitorEnvironment-Browsertab
If presenters are using PowerPoint on Mac with 2 screens and are planning to use presenter view to see their notes, they will not be able to view their browser (therefore the window with JUNO). This is a known issue specific to Power Point on Mac (not JUNO related) where once the presentation starts, you are unable to resize the presenter view window and it can only be on full screen.
The options for presenters in this situation is to:
  1. Have the their notes printed out so they don’t need to have the presenter view window open and they can view their browser window or
  2. If they need to use presenter view, know that you will not being able to view your browser window with their session room during their active presentation.
To display pronouns along with your name on screen, add them to the end of their first name on their profile. For example “Eric (he/him)”

During the Conference

🔧 If you need technical assistance, click Help Desk” in the navigation menu

💫 If you have any concerns about behavior that does not align with our Code of Conduct, click HERE.

✅ Make sure to:

  • Attend every Plenary session (This is where  our Keynote & Featured Speakers, cultural celebrations and award ceremonies are happening!)
  • Always introduce yourself in the session chat
    •  If you’d like to acknowledge what land you’re joining from, use this resource
  • Attend Conversations with Scientists on Wednesday at 1pm PT


If you don’t know what to do or you have some free time….

💚 If have a question about the conference program or SACNAS in general, visit us in the SACNAS booth

We can’t wait to see you at #2021NDiSTEM! Make sure to introduce yourself to other attendees on social media using our official conference hashtag: