Chapter Annual Reports

Chapter Annual Reports Deadlines:

Part 1: Due Now!

Part 2: Due Now!

Form will close on September 29th

Our chapters are a powerful peer network that provides support for STEM students throughout their journey as future scientists and leaders. The Annual Report allows the SACNAS national office to learn about the activities, resources, and tools chapters are creating in their communities, as well as ways to offer increased support.

This report is required of all chapters to retain active status and be eligible to submit a Chapter Award Application. Email with any questions

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Annual Report Attachments

A chapter membership roster and an advisor report must be attached to your chapter annual report if you are a student chapter. Reports that do not include both will be considered incomplete. Professional Chapters do not need an Advisor Report or Institutional Recognition

1. Chapter Membership Roster:

We are requiring that all your chapter members, including advisors, have an active SACNAS membership. Your members have the option to sign up for free or upgrade to various membership levels. Learn more at

Use this template to submit your chapter’s roster. The roster should include the following information for each member:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Role in Chapter (Advisor, President, Secretary, General Member, etc.)
  • Email Address – everyone on your roster should have a SACNAS membership. Learn more at
  • Academic Level
  • Expected Year to Graduate
  • Discipline

2. Chapter Advisor(s) Report:

*N/A for Professional Chapters

This is a report written by the chapter advisor(s) covering 2022 to the time of submitting the report. Chapters with multiple advisors should submit one letter that is collaboratively written by all advisors. Reports should be submitted as a .pdf file format.

Advisors should answer the following questions in their report:

  • How often did you meet with the chapter officers?
  • What mentor or guidance support did you provide chapter members?
  • How did you promote the chapter at your institution?
  • In what area(s) do you think your chapter needs more support for the next academic year?

3. Institutional Recognition

*N/A for Professional Chapters

Your student chapter should be registered and in compliance with all policies relating to student organizations at your institution. You may submit a letter or email from your institution that confirms that your chapter is registered as a student organization. Use this template as a reference/example.

4. Chapter Activities

Chapters are expected to host approximately 10-12 activities throughout the academic year. Use this template to submit your chapter activities. Include the name of the activities, date, and 1-3 sentences to describe the goal or purpose of the activity. 
We are also asking to submit your future planned events for the 2023/24 academic year. See template for more info.

Submit Your Chapter Annual Report

Forms will close on September 29th. Email with any questions.

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