2019 SACNAS — The National Diversity in STEM Conference

October 31 - November 2 | Honolulu, Hawai'i

Join us in Hawai'i!

The most ethnically diverse state in the nation, Hawai’i is also one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. Home to 10 out of 14 of the world’s climate zones, the islands are a wellspring of STEM research, opportunity, and a living legacy of indigenous knowledge.

2019 SACNAS - The National Diversity in STEM Conference is a uniquely multicultural and multidisciplinary celebration of science, culture, and community.

At 2019 SACNAS, you can shape your own STEM story inspired by your ancestors, mentors, and peers --nourished by diversity and fueled by passion for discovery. You are the Scholar. You are the Dreamer. You are the Trailblazer.


About the Artwork

'Ano Lani; 'Ano-Honua"
By Laurie Sumiye

The 2019 artwork was created by local Hawaiian artist Laurie Sumiye. The piece, titled after a traditional Hawaiian proverb meaning “A heavenly nature; an earthly nature” depicts Haumea, Hawaiian Earth Mother and Creation Goddess (ancestor to all indigenous Hawaiians) and modeled after Native Hawaiian scientist and SACNAS member Dr. Narrissa Spies. In her hands, she carries the Makalai tree, a tree of life. Behind Haumea is an active volcano (representing creation), verdant green mountains, and the Scorpio and Pleiades constellations (representing the ancestors). Below her, swims a red fish (representing nourishment), an iwa bird (representing travel and clear direction), and colorful hibiscus flowers (representing the diversity and beauty of Hawaiian people and native flora).


Partners + Exhibitors

SACNAS hosts the largest diversity in STEM conference in the country, bringing inspiration and opportunity to thousands of attendees each year. A partnership with SACNAS means increased recruitment, engagement, and visibility with the next generation of STEM leaders. Partner with SACNAS to connect with our community at the National Diversity in STEM Conference.


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