5 Things To Do If You’re Graduating

Graduation is an exciting time, whether you’re entering the workforce, starting the next level of your education, or something entirely different. Whatever your next step may be, here are a steps to prepare you for the road ahead:

1. Update your digital information.

You’re a professional now — make sure everybody knows! Update your information on LinkedIn and any societies or memberships you have. Current SACNAS members can sign-in here to update their information and upgrade to a professional-level membership.

Don’t have a SACNAS membership? Now is a great time to get a professional membership and find opportunity, support, and community for your next steps.

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2. Refresh your resume.

Make sure to update your resume or CV with your completed degree information. Submit your resume to the SACNAS Career Center to get free tips/recommendations to make your resume shine.

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3. Looking for a job?

Career centers are a great place to start! Bookmark and search through the SACNAS Career Center, and/or your institution’s Career Center.

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4. Go to a conference.

You can make lasting connections with recruiters, peers, and hundreds of opportunities by networking at a conference. You never know who you’ll meet! Find a graduate school or job, network with fellow members, & more at 2019 SACNAS — The National Diversity in STEM Conference in Honolulu, Hawai’i this October.

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5. Pay it forward!

Now that you’ve graduated, you probably have great perspective, tips, and advice for students following in your footsteps. Share them by writing for SACNAS’ online publication STEM + Culture Chronicle  — it looks great on your resume too!

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BONUS — Celebrate your accomplishment!

Current SACNAS members can submit their photos to be part of our #SACNISTAGrad Class of 2019 photo album.

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