New on STEM + Culture Chronicle: Belonging in STEM

In part 1 of President Sonia Zárate’s special series on STEM + Culture Chronicle, Dr. Zárate invited members to share their stories about belonging in STEM. Read 6 stories exploring the struggles, defining moments, and triumphs to find belonging in STEM:

Lessons Learned — 5 Tips to Help You Remember that You Belong in Science By Renato Aguilera

Where Do I Belong in Science? By Ash Alunan

Sense of Belonging: Extending Beyond the Self for Success in Academic Spaces By Tatiana Elisa Bustos

Blooming Where Planted in West Texas By Pamela Hallock

Belonging in Industry — Building My Network from the Ground Up By Xiomara Perez

At The Story Collider, Reimagining What Science Can Be By Maryam Zaringhalam, Katherine J. Wu, Erin Barker, and Liz Neeley


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