SACNAS Members Named 2017 AAAS Felllows

SACNAS members David J. Asai (not pictured), Adriana Darielle Mejía Briscoe (pictured left), and Keith A. Trujillo  (pictured right) have been named 2017 AAAS Fellows in recognition of their contributions to science and technology, scientific leadership and extraordinary achievements across disciplines.

“At the SACNAS conference I was able to see firsthand Native American and Latinx professors—national scientific and academic leaders—who were focused on creating a more inclusive environment for students, ” said Dr. Briscoe, who first attended the SACNAS conference as a graduate student at Harvard. “Buoyed by this fellowship, I will be completing my memoir, which is about how I learned to negotiate obstacles like skeptical family and teachers and self-doubt along the way to becoming a scientist.”

“I am deeply honored by being elected an AAAS Fellow,” added Dr. Trujillo. “This accomplishment will hopefully bring added credibility and respect as I speak and write about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the sciences.”

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