Add Your Voice to SACNAS’ Community Video

What makes the SACNAS conference special year after year is the feeling of community — of familia (family). With a fully virtual conference this year, it’s important to us to replicate this feeling (as much as we can) by highlighting member voices— like YOURS! — during our conference program. 

In this effort, we’re collecting video clips from members all over the country to be combined into a community video montage which will be played during the 2020 SACNAS Virtual Conference. (Note: You do NOT need to be registered for the conference to participate in this video, though we hope you do! 😊)

How to add your voice: 

Submit a video of yourself (up to 1 minute long) answering 1 (or both) of the prompts below. These videos do NOT need to be scripted or “professionally” done— you can be in your home, in your lab, in your car — whatever is authentic and comfortable to you.

  • OPTION 1: How do you bring your whole self to STEM? 
  • OPTION 2: What does SACNAS mean to you? 

Please record your video in landscape (horizontal) mode and click below to send it to SACNAS by Friday, September 18.

If you have any questions, contact Membership Manager Daniela Bernal at


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