HHMI Awards Gilliam Fellowships to 6 SACNAS Members

Six SACNAS members DeQuantarius Speed, Sara Espinosa, Nicole Hernandez, Christina Roman, Matthew Mendoza, and Kavin Nunez (not pictured) have been awarded the Gilliam Fellowship by Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

“SACNAS was instrumental in me receiving the HHMI Gilliam Fellowship,” said Mendoza, a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. “Coming to graduate school I knew I wanted to give back, but I just didn’t know how. During my first year, one of my classmates and myself decided to bring a SACNAS Chapter to UT Southwestern. Since then SACNAS has provided me a platform to share my story of being a first-generation low-income student.”

Through the Gilliam Fellowship, students are supported for up to 3 years of dissertation research. Candidates are selected based on their commitment to increasing diversity among scientific leaders, especially students who will go on to become faculty members at colleges and universities.

“SACNAS is proving to be an invaluable resource to help me achieve the goals I spoke about in my application.” said Roman, a graduate student at the University of Chicago. “SACNAS showed me that with the support of an organization I can make real difference in the state of racial, ethnic and gender equality in academia.”

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