SACNAS welcomes new members in August 2017!

The total number of new members: 213

(Note: The following list is new members who consented to have their names shared.)


Professional Members

Kim Sullivan

Olga Zurita Rendon

Amy Beth Prager

Karina Vega-Villa

Itzel Calleja-Macias

Miguel Lopez

Iris Romero

Ernesto Perez Chanona


Student Members

Ana Beltran-Castillo

Odette Verdejo-Torres

Angel Jesus Martinez

Vanessa Bentley

Alexandra Sutton Lawrence

Ricardo Fernandez

Kimberly Chavez

Aspen Johnson

Louy Alabdalla

Ileana Freytes-Ortiz

Isamar Pastrana-Otero

Serge Alain Feuze Lekem

Yasmin  Quintana Morales


If you are a new member and would like to be welcomed on our website and/or social media, please email


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