SACNAS Speakers at National March for Science in Washington D.C.

On April 14, 2018 thousands will gather in Washington DC and satellite events across the country for the March for Science. Marchers will be advocating for evidence-based policy, maintaining funding for federal scientific research, empowering public engagement with science, and fostering a diverse and inclusive scientific community. SACNAS is a national partner with the March for Science for the second year in a row.

Among the speakers on the national stage will be two SACNISTAs, Dr. Corey Welch (Northern Cheyenne) and Evelyn Valdez-Ward.

Dr. Corey Welch serves as the secretary on the SACNAS Board of Directors and directs the STEM Scholars Program at Iowa State University. His love of nature took a first generation, low income, Northern Cheyenne/White kid from the trailer park toward becoming a leader in training future scientists from underrepresented backgrounds. He will talk about the impact of publicly funded science had on his journey and it relates to our Nation’s STEM workforce.

Welch says of his participation as a speaker, “I am honored to represent my family, my tribe, the SACNISTA community, of course, my students.”

​Evelyn Valdez-Ward is currently a second year PhD student in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California, Irvine and a DACA recipient. Her work focuses on the effects of climate change on the interactions between plants and their soil microbes. Ultimately, with her research, she aims to become a strong and effective advocate for strategies to mitigate climate change, and continue her professional development for a career in science policy. In addition to her research, she strongly advocates and mobilizes STEM fields to protect Dreamers.

Evelyn and Corey will be joined at the March by several DC based SACNAS members including Dr. Maria Mercedes Franco who says of her planned participation, “There is power in numbers… by marching I help make visible mine and others’ commitment to science and to the advancement of science in our diverse society.”

Dr. Sonia Zárate, President-Elect of SACNAS says she will be marching with the SACNAS DC contingent. She says, “This year’s march is a timely reminder that science for the common good can only be achieved when there is representation from the entire community. Additionally, SACNISTA speakers, who are an embodiment of the SACNAS mission, serve to challenge assumptions about who gets to do science and inspire us to continue the work towards “true diversity in STEM”.

Welch and Valdez Ward will be joined by 19 other SACNAS members speaking at 11 satellite marches across the country from Boston to Seattle to Tucson. Learn more.

Join SACNAS as the DC event (details here) or find a satellite event near you.

SACNAS is an inclusive organization with a 45-year history of fostering the success of Chicanos/Hispanics & Native Americans, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers and positions of leadership in STEM.

Today, the organization serves nearly 6,000 members and has 115 student and professional chapters throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. SACNAS influences a larger STEM community of over 25,000 through outreach, advocacy, and production of The National Diversity in STEM Conference. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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