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The President’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement is an affront to science, research, and the planet. Decades of incontrovertible research conducted by thousands of scientists from around the world supports an anthropogenic climate change model. The Paris Climate Agreement is an unprecedented global action of more than 190 countries to protect our common health and safety. This latest decision and the looming budget cuts to scientific research specifically related to climate change and human health has put scientific progress in extreme jeopardy.
Moreover, it has long been documented that minority and indigenous peoples are among the hardest hit by climate change and climate related disasters, therefore the United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement has far-reaching adverse effects on the communities SACNAS serves directly. Science is not grounded in any political ideology. Therefore, SACNAS urges its entire community to stand with science and the Paris Climate Agreement and oppose the decision to withdraw. It is vital that our voices—the voices of the most vulnerable communities and scientists—ARE RAISED.
You can take action in the following ways:

  1. 1. Call your Senators and Governors and express your opposition to withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.
  2. 2. Ask your mayor to join the Climate Mayors, city leaders who are working together to strengthen local efforts for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to support efforts for binding federal and global-level policymaking.
  3. 3. Post on social media using the hashtags #ParisAgreement and #ActOnClimate.
  4. 4. Learn about what our communities are doing to combat climate change. (See resources below from previous articles, podcasts, and publications on URM contributions to climate change research)


Involving Underrepresented Minority Scientists in Climate Change Research

Science Video Podcasts

Dr. Margaret Hiza Redsteer (Crow) podcast — Stories of a Changing Climate
Dr. Dan Mindiola podcast — Making the Most of our Fossil Fuels

Dr. Timberly Roane (Lumbee) podcast — Using Microbes to Clean up the Environment


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Keynote Address

Dr. Robert Megginson keynote address– Mathematics of Climate Change

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If you have scientific research or resources on climate change that you would like to share with the community, please email Jenny Kurzweil, SACNAS Director of Communications & Marketing at


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